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The Death of the Universe 

Renée Hlozek gives us a story of dark skies, dark matter, and the dark heat death of the universe for TED-Ed.

Don’t be sad, there’s some beautiful cosmological symmetry at play in the beginning and end of everything. Plus, it’s not happening until, like, a really long time from now.

We’ll be long gone before any of that happens, right? This lesson goes along quite nicely with this week’s It’s Okay To Be Smart video, where I talk about the expiration date for life on Earth, and how we might hope to extend it through the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and habitable exoplanets.

Also don’t miss one of my favorite Wikipedia pages: The timeline of the far future.


FOTO FLASHBACK - Oct. 20, 2007 -Tufa towers at Mono Lake…

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